A word about self-congratulating awards

I’m not sure if you have seen the occasional real estate award mentioned in one of our social media channels. We have had a discussion in our team in terms of how and whether we communicate the achievements. We have honestly been torn. This is why. 


Awards, a form of self-congratulations?

I ran into some colleagues from another industry recently. We started talking about industry awards. The group was divided on the topic. Some said awards should be shouted from the roof tops, others said awards were a form of industry self-congratulations. 

I must admit I’ve had a leg in both camps. I have at times been tempted to shout from the roof tops. Other times I have been reluctant to be self-congratulating. Truth is, we do what we do because we truly enjoy it. Award or no award. 

Since we opened the doors of First National Newcastle City, just over 1 year ago, we have achieved more than I could have dreamt of. We have recieved numerous awards (the Number 1 Salesperson of the entire First National group in Australia, a Real Estate Institute of NSW Award of Excellence and most recently a finalist in REB’s salesperson of the year).  

Before you say “here we go again”, apart from the fact I’m proud of the achievements, I wanted to share with you both my pride and my honest trepidation. You see, I have been a real estate agent for 25 years. I’ve worked every day of the week, not for an award but for my clients. Since I became a Principal of First National Newcastle City, I have worked with my team here to create an experience for clients based on what I have developed over years ‘just doing my thing’. 


Why we get so excited

There is no chance we could have achieved what we have without our team and our families who support us. No way. The awards are not mine, they are ours. But mostly they are our clients’. We could not have the success we have without clients believing in us. 

All my team members at First National Newcastle City started at the beginning. We have knocked on doors, built relationships, taken a polite ‘no thank you’ many times over. This is why we get so excited when we see our work paying off. It feels great when our achievements are recognised. Sometimes it’s good to pause and just take in all those years of preparation for that moment. 

If you see the occasional outburst of celebrations in social media or local press (and thank you so much to all of you who have joined us in amplifying these moments) please know we do so because we are happy. We are happy to get the chance to pause, happy to celebrate but mostly happy because it reminds us we are fortunate to have the opportunity.


Is self-congratulating always bad?

In my view, a bit of self-congratulating is good from time to time. As long as it channels new energy to create a real estate experience we believe is right for our clients.  

Thanks for following me throughout this piece. I appreciate your time and look forward to seeing you soon.

Warm regards,


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