Calling all First Home Buyers – its Spring Fling!

With only a couple of days left to Spring Fling I thought I’d talk a little about being a first or second home buyer. You see, the Spring Fling is a great opportunity for first-timers to understand how an auction works, ask questions and get an idea of where the market is at the moment.

Street view Butcher.jpg

Street view Mayfield. A hotground for us First Home Buyers. 

Let me first say that I am walking in the same shoes as you. I have personal experience with being new to the property market as a buyer and seller. My girlfriend recently bought her first house, and I came along to all the open houses, meetings with the bank manager and discussions with the parents. This decision is a big deal and you want to make the right call.

Newcastle Beach.jpg

Newcastle, a great place to live.

But hey, getting into the market isn’t that easy. With the reduction of the First Homebuyer Grant from $15,000 to $10,000 earlier this year for purchases under $750,000 things just got a little bit harder. And with a unit or step-in-to-the-market house, this realistically is only a 2% to 3% of the purchase price.

As younger buyers, we’d still like a piece of the Australian dream, and so we toil away, saving our hard-earnt money and keeping our eye fixed on the horizon. This is where preparation comes in. If you are new to the property market, there is a bit to get your head around. It helps to be surrounded by good people who are willing to give a helping hand. Whether they are solicitors, mortgage brokers or real estate agents.

Newcastle East Sunset

Streetskate Newcastle East.

Some tips from me to you:

1. Attend our Spring Fling to get a sense of the atmosphere at an auction. They can be fun and full of energy, and you will probably notice you are not the only one trying to figure out how this all works.

2. Find one of our agents, I will be there, and ask as many questions as you can think of. We know where the market is at, we know what is coming up and understand the process involved in preparing to purchase a home.

3. Talk to like-minded people on the day; exchange insights and tips. There might be a suburb worth noting, great ways to accelerate savings or even just a meeting of the minds.

Spring Fling

Spring Fling – a unique auction event presenting 17 properties this Sunday in the Junction. 

I look forward to seeing you there. I’m Alberto Gobbato by the way, I specialise in first and second homebuyers for First National Newcastle City.

You can register for Spring Fling here or please feel free to get in touch and I will do my best to assist. 

When: Sunday 6th November 2016 from 10am onwards. Where: 36 Kemp Street The Junction. 

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