Meet Alberto, our first homebuyer agent!

Alberto came to Newcastle from Italy a couple of years ago, and he is quickly becoming a local. Living in Mayfield, working with First National Newcastle City since our inception and becoming an invaluable member of our team.

Alberto is our go-to agent for anything first or second home buying or selling. Don’t get us wrong, he can help with most anything property, we just know he is a great resource for people looking to buy or sell perhaps for the first time.


On shoot with Alberto, he likes it better behind the camera but we think he did a stellar job.

His age, his friends, his own personal experience means he understands the needs and wants of people newish to the property market and can provide that extra insight and support.

As Alberto puts it; “I know the pressure young people are experiencing out there trying to get into the market. I also know they don’t always feel they have an agent they can relate to who has walked in the very shoes they are travelling in. I think I can help out because I get it”.

Wall art.jpg

Wall art Mayfield.

Up-and-coming suburbs Alberto believe young people should consider include Islington, Mayfield and Wickham. “These suburbs are like Paddington or Surry Hills; central, still good value and now brewing with cafes and other young people”.

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Mayfield vibes.

His top three tips for young people:

1. Share a flat in an area you like, work hard and cramp your style to squirrel away the right deposit.

2. Go talk to your bank manager or mortgage broker and get your budget in order. You might be able to access the First Home Owner Grant so it always pays to get this process started early. 

3. If you are in the market looking to sell for the first time; shop around for an agent you think will be able to get in loads of the right buyers. 

If you have a friend or family you think could benefit from a chat with Alberto, or if you would like to start a conversation, please feel free to contact him here

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