Meet your new Property Management team

You may not know this, but sometimes real estate companies treat their sales and their property management departments differently.

Sales comes first and property management comes second. Not at First National Newcastle City.

We have designed our new property management service to be on an equal footing with our residential sales team. It will be built from the ground up, organically and one property at a time. We believe we can service you better this way. 

We would like to deliver on our promises to clients no matter what department you encounter. Our promise to you is to do things the right way. We believe we will succeed, and here is why.  

The team

Kathryn and Cathy

Kathryn Macansh and Cathy Simpson.

Kathryn Macansh and Cathy Simpson come to First National Newcastle with decades of experience in the industry and consider property management their chosen vocation.

Kathryn will be focusing on new business. She has been in the real estate industry for more than 35 years. What this means for property investors is life experience and professional service. 

“You need to know how to service owners and tenants” Kathryn explains. “You need to attract the right clientele, know what to look for in a property and what it takes to look after the asset”.

Cathy Simpson agrees. She comes to First National Newcastle from a local real estate agency, and has devoted her career to property management. Cathy will focus on managing properties, help ensure owners get their rental income on time and tenants get the repairs they need. 

“I love solving problems” Cathy explains. “I like to read about property management so I can be of value to owners and tenants because I know the legislation and have learnt best practice”.

When asked what her secret is, she responds: “Do what you say you are going to do”.

Why we are launching property management

In the planning of this launch, I wanted to make sure we could service you, our clients, as well in property management as we do in residential sales. We have invested time getting our approach right and a big part of this was aligning the agency with the right people. 

I couldn’t be happier to welcome Kathryn and Cathy to the First National Newcastle family. I have always been extremely impressed with their performance. What I strive to deliver in sales, I believe they seek to deliver in property management. It is going to be another exciting year here at First National Newcastle City!

 Kathryn Macanash

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You can also look at how our new property management service may benefit you here.  

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