Spotlight on first home buyers: selling to a first timer

Are you considering selling your home or investment property and think it would be perfect for a first home buyer? We asked our experienced agent, Tom Lemke, how he makes the process of selling to a first home buyer as seamless as possible. Read on to find out more. 

Explaining the process

Tom says he takes extra time and care explaining the process when there are first home buyers involved in the sale. As the process is new and at times, difficult to navigate, he ensures everyone is fully informed. This way, the seller won’t be impacted by any confusion or misunderstanding from the buyer’s side.

185A2119.JPGTom says it’s important to dedicate time and care to explaining the process so there’s no misunderstandings. 

Don’t forget Mum and Dad

Often with first home buyers, there are parents involved in the process, so Tom likes to sit down with all parties involved to ensure no lines of communication get crossed. By touching base with the first home buyer, their parents and the seller, Tom ensures everyone’s expectations and understanding is aligned to avoid disappointment on both the buyer and vendor side.

Start with a plan

Tom says an important part of working with first home buyers is developing a step-by-step run sheet with what to expect and when. By having a clear plan, all parties involved know what to expect and can prepare themselves.

185A2311.JPGBy starting with a plan, Tom ensures both vendor and purchaser have clarity around the process. 

Open communication

Tom finds that communication is key when selling to a first home buyer. By speaking to the vendor and prospective buyers daily, he ensures no one is left wondering what is happening. 

We’re here to help

If you’re considering selling and think your home would be perfect for a first home buyer, get in touch with Tom Lemke on: 0423 267 465 or via email: Thanks for reading.

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