Angela Kellemen

Residential Sales Associate

The formidable Angela is unstoppable when she sets her sights on a challenge! With a flair for attention to detail, impeccable work ethic and a cool head under pressure, Sales Associate Angela, is the glue that holds the First National Newcastle City office together.

A renowned organisation wizard and excellent communicator, Angela is the ideal team member. Her optimism and determination is infectious to everyone she comes into contact with. Consequently, productivity and positivity tend to follow Angela; her outlook being, ‘don’t sweat the small stuff and a smile means the world to anyone,’ reflects the personable and hard-working nature that makes Angela so likeable amongst the entire team.

Staying true to her always-on-the-move reputation, Angela’s hobbies include running, going to the gym and travelling. If you can catch her, you may also find Angela relaxing at the beach with a cup of coffee in her downtime.


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