Vacating Your Rental Property

For information regarding vacating notice periods, please click the following Office of Fair Trading link:

Download Notice to Vacate Form & send via email:

Vacating Checklist & Helpful Hints

General Internal

  • All venetian/vertical blinds to be clean and put back in place if removed throughout the tenancy
  • Curtains to be washed /cleaned & rehung
  • All windows, sills, tracks & doors to be cleaned inside and out
  • All window screens and screen doors to be cleaned/wiped down
  • Ensure there are no holes or damage to flyscreens
  • Carpets are to be professionally cleaned by a professional cleaning company
  • Thoroughly vacuum and mop all non-carpeted areas. No residue to be left behind
  • All light fittings must be working - replace with new globes if necessary
  • Walls & ceilings are to be washed to remove any dirt marks, fingerprints, cobwebs and scuff marks
  • Skirting boards, power points and light switches should be clean and free of dust
  • Light fittings to be cleaned and washed - all bugs removed TIP: if accessible use a hairdryer to clean out bugs
  • All shelving to be wiped down and free of dust and all marks removed
  • All air conditioning units to be wiped down and filters washed and dried
  • All personal items to be removed from the property
  • No extra nails or holes in walls, doors or ceilings
  • Clean wardrobe tracks and ensures door rollers are working
  • All items on the ingoing condition report (if applicable) must be clean with no damage in accordance with the lease agreement
  • Any damage from throughout tenancy by the tenant must be repaired at the tenant's expense and in a professional workmanlike manner.

General External:

  • Dirt and oil marks on driveways, garage floor and paths to be removed
  • All rubbish to be removed from the property (including under the house)
  • Lawns and gardens to be mown, edges cut and free from weeds
  • Garbage bins left empty & clean - hosed out and washed with disinfectant
  • Cobwebs to be removed from walls, eaves and windows
  • Wash/wipe down garage door/walls
  • All outdoor lights in working order, cleaned and free from dust, webs and bugs
  • Pool filter cleaned and any debris cleared from pool
  • Remove all pet waste and repair any damage caused by your pet (holes filled due to digging etc.)
  • Mailbox cleaned and mail/papers removed


  • Bench tops need to be cleaned with the appropriate cleaner, no residue left
  • Stove top to be cleaned (if ceramic specific ceramic cooktop cleaner is to be used), including drip trays, knobs and coil rims
  • Inside and outside of oven/stove including racks, oven door glass should be clean and free from grease/grime. Oven light should be working
  • All cupboards cleaned with disinfectant inside and outside, including handles and tracks
  • Floor vacuumed and mopped
  • Sinks, drain holes, plugs and taps to be left clean and free from grease/food/marks
  • Range hood and exhaust fan including filter to be cleaned and free from fat, grime, dirt and dust. Lights and fan must be working
  • Dishwasher to be cleaned with a dishwasher cleaner. No food particles in the filter or along the door seal. Filter to be cleaned
  • Ceiling to be cleaned, no marks from fat, smoke, cooking stains or cobwebs


  • All mould and soap residue to be cleaned from tiles, grout, ceiling and walls
  • Shower and bath should be cleaned including glass, doors, taps, spout, showerhead and tracks
  • Vanity, cupboards and basin thoroughly cleaned, free of dirt, grime, make-up & hair
  • Toilets to be bleached and cleaned inside and out (including under-seat, behind pipes and bottom of the bowl)
  • Exhaust fans cleaned and free from dust
  • Mirrors cleaned with glass cleaner, free from streaks
  • Towel rails cleaned and not loose


  • Floor vacuumed, mopped and free from scuff marks
  • All cupboards cleaned inside and outside, including handles and tracks
  • Clean tub, drains and under sink
  • Clean lint from the dryer filter and put the filter back in place when dry
  • Walls wiped and free from marks and grime

Have you arranged:

  • Your electricity/gas/telephone line/Foxtel/internet disconnection
  • Cancel your DEFT rental payment
  • Mail re-directed and provided our office with your forwarding address
  • Keys/remotes/swipes/tags to be returned to our office no later than 5pm on your vacating day.
  • Pay rent and water usage up until your vacate date. A final water meter reading will take place (if applicable) at the final inspection.
  • If you've arranged cleaner/ carpet cleaner/ repairs/ flea spray please provide our office with a copy of your tax invoice/receipt.

We understand you may not be available to meet us at the property for the final inspection, however we do strongly suggest you attend the property with us to complete this inspection. Please phone us on 02 4961 6899 or email to arrange this inspection.

We note the landlord is under no obligation to allow you to return to the property to rectify any issues noted at the final inspection. Should issues arise and require rectification a professional cleaner/tradesperson will be employed and the cost(s) deducted from your bond.

Please note you are liable for rent until keys/swipes/remotes are returned