Maintenance Request

For urgent repairs please contact our office on 02 4961 6899. Outside of office hours please call our after hours service on 02 4961 6899, and refer to your residential tenancy agreement for the preferred tradespeople.

All non-urgent repairs must be in writing, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page, and our team will be in touch.

Repair & Maintenance Troubleshooting Guide:

Here are some tips for maintenance issues.

No Electricity:

  • Have you contacted your electricity provider to assess if there is a fault in the street? There may be a fault in the street
  • Ask neighbours if they have lost power, if they have no power, could be a whole street issue
  • Has the Safety Switch tripped? If so, reset the switch. If it trips again (or wont reset) turn off and unplug all appliances from power points. Reset Safety Switch and plug in appliances one at a time until faulty appliance is located. Also check for blown fuse.
  • Has electricity account been set up and paid

Lights not working:

  • Check power or fuse box. Ensure the power is on and the Safety Switch has not been tripped
  • Is the light bulb the correct wattage (replacing globes at a higher wattage can cause them to blow in more regularly/not work at all). Tenants are required to replace the non-functioning bulb if it was working at the commencement of the lease

Hot Water System:

  • Is system gas/electric/instantaneous/storage (usually written somewhere on the system)
  • Is water still coming out of the tap but just not hot / is warm
  • Is water leaking from bottom of hot water system /running constantly out of overflow pipe
  • Gas: Is the pilot light on? – have you tried to relight it? If you have not tried to relight, and this is the issue, you may be charged the tradesperson call out fee.


  • Is the filter clean of all food scraps/blockages?
  • If there is an error occurring often on the manufacturers' website there is a troubleshooting section that can assist you to solve any issues quite easily without needing a specialised technician.
  • Turn off (usually there is a powerpoint located in the kitchen cupboard). Leave off for 20 minutes and repeat a number of times as this will reset the settings.

Oven not working

  • Is the power isolation switch turned on? Mainly located on the kitchen splashback
  • Has the clock on the front of the oven been set. Most ovens will not work if this clock is not set

Cook top not working

  • Check if power is connected or check power box for tripped switch or blown fuse
  • Gas – Are the connections loose or dirty? Pulling the cover/element out and cleaning can fix the problem

Kitchen/bathroom sink/shower blocked

  • Have draino or hot water been poured to try and move the blockage?
  • Odour emitting from floor waste kitchen/bathroom/laundry
  • Have draino and/or hot water (a little dishwashing liquid) been poured down the floor waste? The S-bend trap may have dried out and requires re-filling.

Dryer not working

  • Has power been turned on correctly?
  • Is the door closed properly
  • Have you checked that dryer is not overloaded?
  • Has the red reset button been pressed?
  • Has the lint filter been cleaned? This should be done after every cycle.


Repair Request